This line , which can also be used for finishing smaller diameter casing , consists of two double numerically controlled threading machines followed by a couoling make-up machine . the finished pipe goes to the hydrostatic test bench (where test pressures up to 1250 bars can be applied) and is then drift tested . this is followed by automatic weighing, measuring and marking operations. Threads are lubricated with a special compound andprotectors fitted.
A transparent protective varnish is applied to the pipe , which is then automatically bundled in hexagonal lifts.

According to API in various grades:
O.D : 1.9" (48.3mm)up to 7" (177.8mm)
Lengths : from 23 ft (7m) up to 49 ft (15 m)
Types of thread protective varnish.
Fitting of thread protectors
Automatic bundling of the tubing
Production capacity : 50,000 tons/year

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