Casing finishing line

Lge uses numerically controlled threading machines . coupling are automatically fitted and made up and the pipe drifted . subsequently ,the pipe is hydrostatically tested with pressures up to 1,000 bars the pipe is then automatically weighed , measured and mark . A special lubricating compound is applies to the Threads before fitting the protectors failally the pipe is coated with a transparent protecve varnish.

Manufacturing program
According to api in various grades :
o.d : 4.1/2 (88.9 mm) up to 16 (406.4 mm)
lengths :range 2 and 3 form 23 ft (7 m) up to 49 ft (15 m)
types ofthresfd : stc – ltc – buttress – pje (premium joint sefarayen )
coating : transparent protective varnish .
fitting of thread protectors.
Production capcity :80,000 tons / year

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